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I have been working in QTP for more than 5+ years as of now, but the pain which I have with QTP is the IDE itself. Even though I am good new VBScripting, sometimes if I make any silly mistakes, QTP has got no options to report the syntax error, similarly it has got no code metrics, intellisense is not very intelligent enough to show all the underlying methods. Thankfully I came across a tool called Test Design Studio 2.0, designed by Patterson Consulting, which has lot of options, the one which is available in Visual Studio IDE and Eclipse IDE. Here are some lines from Test Design Studio Patterson Consulting’s Test Design Studio is an exciting product that is the first of its kind for Mercury/HP automation. This product serves as an integrated development environment (IDE) for QuickTest® Professional scripts, VBScript files, Quality Center workflow scripts, WinRunner® scripts, and GUI Map Files. Extensive support for Quality Center assures tight integration with the tools you use. If you write QuickTest® Professional test scripts or libraries, you need to realize that you are a programmer! Even though these scripts are used for testing purposes, rest assured that you are creating program code. Just like the program code that goes into the applications under test, the code used for test automation needs to possess similar quality characteristics. The sooner you treat test automation as a development activity, the sooner you will realize the cost-saving potential of this technology! Our Test Design Studio product was the first product on the market to treat QuickTest® automation as a programming activity. The rich integrated development environment allows automation engineers to reach new levels of productivity. Here are the Features of Test Design Studio 
Real-time Syntax Checking and Static Language Analysis Full-featured IntelliSense Code Metrics Error List Tool Window Documenter
You can download the tools for Trail version from here.

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