VS Coded UI Series is designed to cover all the nitty gritty details in Visual Studio CUIT. This video series will start from Introduction through advanced level hand coding with CUIT for all the technologies like MSAA, Web and UITestControl (Generic). We will cover more topics on web, since thats where the world of is moving now !!!


  1. Introduction to Visual Studio Testing
  2. An Introduction to Coded UI Test(CUIT)
  3. Coded UI Record and Playback
  4. Understanding Coded UI Recorded Code from UIMap
  5. Working with Assertions in Coded UI Test Builder
  6. Data Driven Testing in Coded UI Test Record and Playback
  7. Get and Set Properties in Coded UI Testing
  8. Hand Coding in Coded UI Testing – Part 1
  9. Hand coding in Coded UI testing – Part 2
  10. Hand Coding Coded UI Test with UITestControl
  11. Getting all the Controls properties from Application in Coded UI Test
  12. Record and playback in Coded UI for Web Applications
  13. Hand Coding Web Application using Coded UI Test
  14. Understanding Why and How Parent-Child relationship works in Coded UI Testing
  15. Creating custom reusable methods for different controls in Coded UI Testing
  16. Creating generic method for control with Generic in Coded UI
  17. Exploring features of Browser in CUIT
  18. Assertions in Coded UI Testing
  19. Exception handing in Coded UI Testing
  20. Types of Test Attribute in CUIT
  21. Run test in order via Ordered Test
  22. Using TestContext to identify the state of Test method
  23. Wait For Control in Coded UI Testing
  24. Cross Browser Testing with Coded UI
  25. DDT with Excel in CUIT with Custom Library (Part 1)
  26. DDT with Excel in CUIT with Custom Library (Part 2)
  27. Executing Javascript on Browser with Coded UI