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Chapters in programming language are not going to be more formal and we are not going to deal with contents like “What is the language history or who has written this or even its introduction”, but these chapters are going to address the most common problems, which can be easily resolved using these languages.

As an automation engineer, I come across many such common problem in an different dimension, but all these problems are commonly occurred problem to any automation engineer of that matters.

For example

  • Creating a file in remote machine for some reasons
  • Connecting to a remote machine via remote desktop
  • Parsing a log file more efficiently
  • Creating a batch file to delete set of files for in a specified directory
  • Installing/Uninstalling software in silent mode
  • And the list goes on…

I hope all the above problem are pretty common to most of us.

These problems can be solved in many ways, I solve it using any one of the language which I know a lot, it can be either C#, Powershell, Java, VBScript or even a batch script. Whichever language solves my problem, I am fine with that, well, after all I need the problem to be solved.

Execute automation chapters are more like a mini posts in my site, but with all the comments of readers and contributors, we can see the same problem addressed in different dimensions, every single idea by others will be useful for all of us.

I hope we will resolve more problem, as I do.


Karthik KK

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