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This is basically an off topic from mobile automation, but I thought I should share this information to all, since this is something very interesting to me while I started looking at the report generated by Crittercism (a company which deal with Mobile Application performance management (APM)) which is actually a PDF report (that’s free). You can get a copy of updated Mobile experience benchmark report from here I like the whole report it generated, Well, I like the “performance impacts your bottom line” section as shown below As you could see above, with 97% uptime of application, the company will lose $2.5 million per month, whereas 99.9% uptime of application, the company will lose only $82.192 per month (which is still high) I also understood how complex is mobile ecosystem than PC/Server ecosystem which we used for almost 3 decades from just a decade old mobile ecosystem. Lastly I liked the topic on Gingerbread apps least stable, but the same is widely used and KitKat is very responsive with crashed only 0.7%, which is nice to hear. For more information, just go over the site and explore more on the copy of report you got !!! Thanks, Karthik KK

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