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Well, this is the question which I get Why suddenly ExecuteAutomation in, while it’s releasing all videos in YouTube channel already. Well, I am not going to give a very boring yet detailed list of reasons for the Why (as ExecuteAutomation always strive hard to make things simple yet understandable) rather, Here is very simple comparison graph

Comparison on Youtube vs Udemy

As you can see from the above audience graph, following are the countries which are still top countries in both websites
  1. India
  2. US
  3. UK
But, the following countries as shown in the audience of Udemy like
  1. Thailand
  2. Poland
  3. Pakistan (Which is not there in the list though)
  4. China (which is not there in the list though)
Don’t have access to YouTube at all, since YouTube is banned in those countries (seems like some are recently not blocked as well for instance Pakistan), hence Udemy is gaining more audience.


I also see a very clear trend that most people in Udemy are not introduced to ExecuteAutomations YouTube channel though and the same is true for Udemy as well, hence ExecuteAutomation is anyways seeing a win-win situation in both side as they are introduced by one or the other. Here are some quick trends in Udemy course which ExecuteAutomation has released ExecuteAutomation in Udemy has released 2 free courses and 1 paid course FREE PAID Well, I hope that answers everyone questions!!! Thanks for reading the post and share your opinions and comments. Thanks, Karthik KK

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