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In this post we will be¬†working with Menu items and identifying if the menu items really exist in the page menu bar using Coypu for Selenium C# The menu bar and item we are going to work with is going to be this menu                 Here is the complete video of the above discussion Here is the complete code
var sessionConfiguration = new SessionConfiguration()
                Browser = Browser.Firefox,
                AppHost = ""

            var browser = new BrowserSession(sessionConfiguration);
            //Click button

            browser.FindId("Automation Tools").Hover();

            Assert.That(browser, Shows.Css("ul > li > a > span", text: "Seleniums"));
            Assert.That(browser, Shows.Css("ul > li > a > span", text: "BDD"));
Well, I hope that answers everyone questions!!! Thanks for reading the post and share your opinions and comments. Thanks, Karthik KK

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