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ExecuteAutomation is very happy to announce that it has created a new branch called ExecuteTamil, which focus exclusively on Tamil Language. As a Tamilian, I am very proud to say that ExecuteTamil a YouTube channel is created fully with the help of my Uncle who is a Tamil ‘pulavar’ or otherwise pandit has
  • More than 32+ Years of experience on teaching
  • More than 30+ years of experience on public speeches
  • Awarded by Vaariyar and T.M.S (Who are well known Tamil philanthropist)
  • Took Tamil classes for I.A.S and T.N.P.S.C exams
As a kick-start ExecuteTamil has started Tamil grammar for 10th standard, which focus exclusively on succeeding their examinations. Here is the complete playlist of the 10th Tamil grammar on ExecuteTamil Please share your comments about the video and article !!! Thanks, Karthik KK

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