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Dear friends,

Today I am very happy to announce that ExecuteAutomation has reached over 8 Million views across the globe.

ExecuteAutomation was launched in 2012 as an static website and later in 2014 it started releasing new videos on YouTube and on early 2016 it started releasing videos on Udemy platform. Almost all the free videos are now part of ExecuteAutomation blog and spanning over 3000+ registered users with over 3000+ comments and discussion.

ExecuteAutomation now features courses on most recent to up-to-date testing tools and technologies and the most recently launched course in 2019 are listed below



RestSharp with Specflow

Azure DevOps

Flutter Driver

All the above courses are available in Udemy and in YouTube platforms. If you are interested in any of the courses, please send me our an email to avail discount while purchasing the course.


Karthik KK

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