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Microsoft announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RC today and is available for download here. There are lot of new updates to existing features, bug fixes and new features has been added in this Update 3 and is also said to be automatically updated to final version once its released, since this release is marked as a go-live version. Here are the list of new features which are introduced in Update 3
  •     CodeLens
  •     Code Map
  •     Visual Studio Menu Bar Options
  •     Debugger
  •     Performance and Diagnostics
  •     IntelliTrace
  •     Application Insights
  •     Testing
  •     C++
  •     Graphics Diagnostics
  •     ClickOnce Deployment
  •     SharePoint Apps
  •     Release Management
You can get the details of all the above features from Microsoft website from here As Microsoft is working on rapid-release cadence, we can expect final version of Update 3 soon (in couple of weeks) and also Microsoft is currently working on Update 4 and its developer preview will be released somewhere in next couple of weeks. Thanks, Karthik KK  

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