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In this post we are going to discuss one of the fastest emerging testing tool VSTS 2010 Test Vs the market leader in testing tool Quick Test Professional. We know Quick Test Professional is unmatched with any testing tools(In some area), but from recent past the tool has many competitors like Selenium, Test Complete etc. Microsoft in their Visual Studio 2008 release made their first testing feature available and made everyone surprise in their next version of Visual Studio 2010 Utimate/Test edition with mind blowing testing features. But still, many companies are not turning their focus on using Testing features of Visual studio rather in use for just development. But for past 1 year, VSTS demand in market is just pickin-up !!! Due to some of my blog readers request, I am writing a very brief comparison of VSTS Vs QTP. Note:- This Comparison Sheet below is an ongoing comparison, please feel free to add comments or send me a mail, I will add them up to the chart. That will be really helpful. QTPvsVSTS Please leave your comments and rate this post !!! Thanks, Karthik K.K  

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