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Auckland, New Zealand
Hi Friends, I am very happy to announce that our “Automation framework development with Selenium C# (Advanced)” course is chosen as the bestselling course.

The course has served many professionals to get their daily job done, since it has an ready-to-use framework along with many ancillary features (like reporting, test harness etc) If you are not aware of the course content, here is a sneak peek video of the same Here are the other courses released by ExecuteAutomation

Thank you once again ! Karthik KK

Post Author: Karthik kk

2 Replies to “Udemy course of ExecuteAutomation is chosen as BestSelling course”

  1. Hi, myself.shirish having 2 years.experience in.functional and DB testing. In our.organization, we are having .net frame work using visual studio. I need to automate both of my applications using C# technology with visual studio. Where I am planning to join selenium classes.but.most providing selenium with java. Need some online tutorials for c#.

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