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Specflow is one of the popular BDD (Behavior Driven Development) based tool for .NET. Its popularity has made Specflow and its related tools FREE in recent days like

Specflow for .NET projects

Specflow installation in .NET solution is as easy as adding an NuGet reference in the project. Once installed, we can start leveraging the power of Specflow within our project like

  • Writing Feature files and Step definitions
  • Using F12 for Step definition navigation
  • Uses all the Gherkin specification which are available in other languages like Java, Ruby, etc

There is a complete series just discussing about Specflow with C# in ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel as well as in ExecuteAutomation platform

BDD with Specflow YouTube playlist


SpecFlow+LivingDoc is a set of tools that allows you to share and collaborate on Gherkin Feature Files with stakeholders who may not be familiar with developer tools.

Specflow+LivingDoc can be generated in two ways

  1. Online via Azure DevOps integration with Specflow projects
  2. Offline via Living Doc local tool installed in the global scope of Nuget in our machine

Lets discuss one by one in a super quick manner !

Specflow+LivingDoc and Azure

specflow living doc in Azure DevOps screenshot
Specflow+Living Doc in Azure DevOps

Specflow+LivingDoc has evolved so much that, it’s now available in the Overview tab of Azure DevOps.

This shows how important Specflow is for the whole team insisting its importance not just for testers but for the whole team including Developers, Stakeholders, BA, and even DevOps engineer

Specflow+Living Doc Azure Integration

The integration with Azure DevOps and Specflow+LivingDoc is very simple, here are the step by step approach

Step 1:

Install the Specflow+LivingDoc from Azure DevOps Market place

Step 2:

Once the extension is added from market place in your project, you can add the Specflow task in your Build Pipeline

Step 3:

Finally, setup the Specflow+Living Doc with the following important parameters set

  • Feature Folder
  • Test Execution JSON Path
  • Binding Assembly

So, all together it looks like this

Specflow+LivingDoc Execution

Once the build pipeline is ready and triggered, the build pipeline execution will result the followin

Final Report

Finally, the Specflow+LivingDoc in the Azure DevOps Overview tab will appear along with the text execution report

Complete Demo

This video below gives an complete walkthrough of what we have discussed now

Complete Walkthrough

Reference Resources

This articles and its few works are available in much detail in these Udemy courses

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