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Software testing is getting a very integral part of any software release. While the world is already moving towards agile delivery and agile deployment, the need for faster delivery along with Quality delivery is the key to success. While Quality delivery takes a lot of minds to go through, some of the repetitive actions can be automated, and that’s why Software automation testing comes into play.

In this article, we will discuss the Software Testing Trends of 2021 and will discuss how the landscape of Software automation testing is increasing than ever!

These are the Top Testing Trends of 2021 in an nutshell

Let’s discuss them one by one!

Test Automation

Every company have already realized the power of automation and bringing automation to every level starting from app development to deployment

Modern application development/technologies already comes with modern testing practices like

  • Vue.js
  • ReactJS
  • Angular JS
  • EmberJS etc

Classical tests being replaced with Modern testing

Test with just UI action/assertions are being replaced with complete control with Chrome DevTools and getting each and every aspect of application like


▫Resource loading time

▫Intercepting network

▫Getting application error in console log level

▫Testing various environment level

Codeless Test Automation

Codeless Test automation tools are raising

These testing tools are trying to make automation automated by addressing the most common pain points in automation like 

▫Parallel test

▫CI/CD integration


▫Framework agonistic

▫Cheap and easy to maintain 


RPA Tools

Here is the complete video of the above discussion as an video on our ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel

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