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Dear Friends, Today I am very happy to announce that ExecuteAutomation has released yet another course in Udemy on Mobile Automation with Xamarin.UITest , an cross platform application testing framework for android/ios ecosystems. This is the first ever course in the Internet on Xamarin.UITest which is covered so much detailed.

These are the following topics covered in this course
  1. Understand basic of Xamarin app development
  2. Understand Xamarin UITest basic concepts such as
    1. Record and Playback
    2. REPL
    3. Locators
    4. Page Object Model
  3. Working with Hybrid application developed with Ionic 2 framework
  4. Working with advanced concepts of Xamarin such as
    1. Advanced interations
    2. Backdoors
    3. Xamarin Test Cloud
  5. Automation framework development with Xamarin.UITest
  6. Creating custom configuration for Xamarin.UITest framework
  7. BDD with Specflow
Hope you will enjoy learning this course as I did while creating the course and working with them. If you are interested, please drop me your email in the comments below before you purchase, I will share you the latest coupon code for discount. Thanks, Karthik KK

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45 Replies to “Mobile Automation with Xamarin UITest”

  1. Hi Karthik,

    I am big follower of your video series…
    Recently I had worked in Xamarin UITest. But worked with a basic operations with non optimized framework for a POC kind of stuff.. I want to know the maintainable framework for the Xamarin and want to know the TestCloud details also. If you can share the a coupon for your udemy course ( it will be helpful for me.

    And I want know that the course content is fixed for the above Xamarin UI Test course or you will be adding more content in the near future?

    If possible I want a coupon code for another course on Protractor Video Series.

    Thanks & regards,
    Prabu R

  2. Hello Karthik,

    I had gone through the videos in YouTube. It is really crisp and clear, so would like to continue. Can I get the voucher code.

  3. Hi Karthick,

    I have watched your Xamrin UI videos on Yotube. I am interested in learning them in more detailed as we are implementing Xamrin UI automation in our Project, hope this helps me in implementing. Could you please mail me Discount voucher code. Thank you

  4. Hello Karthik. I really appreciate the work you are doing.

    I do have few queries. Currently I am assigned with a healthcare project which has to be developed as a mobile app using Xamarin for both android and iOS. I have 4 years of experience in Software Testing field. I performed Manual testing on majority and Automation Testing using UFT/QTP. I do not have any knowledge of other language. Frankly to say no single basic knowledge.

    My project demands me to perform automation testing on Xamarin mobile apps. Please suggest me the process to do so. Which tool I should use for testing on Xamarin cloud.

    Is it comfortable to learn the required language what you suggest considering my knowledge conditions.

    I really want you comments and guidance.

    Please mail me through your guidance.

  5. Hi karthik,

    Recently I am into a project to automate a mobile application which is developing in Xamarin, I have knowledge of appium in native application, In udmey I saw coursers like Automation framework development with Appium C#, I am literally confused which one I need to prefer, so kindly suggest me to buy a exact course in udmey, and share the coupon for it.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Vinoth,
      If your application is developed in xamarin, give a shot with Xamarin.UITest, if not try using Appium.

      Check your inbox for discount coupon code.

      Karthik KK

  6. Hi Karthik, I watched your videos of xamarin uitest on youtube. It’s really helpful, looking forward to purchase the udemy course on same. before that I have a question if you could help me! I’ve worked with selenium webdriver and java but not with any other mobile automation tool. do you think it’s going to be fine to directly jump into xamarin uitest? Or should I need any knowledge on mobile automation too to successfully complete this xamarin uitest?

    1. HI Meena,

      I have sent you an email with the coupon code and the details you are looking for.

      In short, you should able to get upto the speed with Xamarin.UITest while you are good with one automation testing tool

      Karthik KK

  7. Hi Karthick,

    I’m automating an Android application using the Xamarin UI test. Could you please assist me like how to toggle a switch to on and off position. I didn’t get any helpful material about these controls.
    If this is available in your videos could you please send me the coupon code.

  8. Hello Karthik,

    I would like to subscribe to Xamarin UI Test automation course.
    Could you please share The Coupon code.


  9. Hi Karthik KK ,
    I am interested in below courses . Please share coupon code
    1. Mobile Automation with Xamarin UITest
    2. Advanced Automation framework with Appium C# – 2020 Updated

    Lakshit Vashishta

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