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This post illustrate one of the problem which I faced while developing application for Android. The issue was very weird while I first got, since the same code works fine with normal Java applications. I got the same issue with my Android test project too. This issue you will get if you use sqljdbc-1.2.0 is this The driver could not establish a secure connection to SQL Server by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Error: Socket closed.
I tried googling for the issue and came to know with a bug with Microsoft sqljdbc-1.2.0.jar. You can find more information from here Solution Well, the solution is, use jtds-1.2.7 which you can download from here
Note Don’t use the latest version of JTDS (jtds-1.3.1), since that too has bug with Android and this will again give you a ClassNotfoundException 
I know this sounds a simple post, but it took 5 hours of my time to sort out both the above issue I faced. I hope you find this solution useful. Thanks, Karthik KK

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2 Replies to “Issue with sqljdbc-1.2.0 while using in Android Project (both testing and development)”

  1. I tried jtds-1.2.7 and everything works fine. I can able to login to SQL server and execute stored procedure via queries.

    I tried in Android 2.3.3, i.e, Gingerbird. But when I run the app in KitKat version, then app running fine but some anonymous exception with sql query.

    I mean, I can able to login to the SQL sever with following statements:
    GlobalClass.dbConnection = DriverManager.getConnection(..etc..);

    But when I tried to execute a query, for example:
    String query = “exec [procUserDtls] @DMLType=N’AL’,@inUserID='” + userName + “‘,@inPass_word='”+passW+”‘”;
    PreparedStatement ps = GlobalClass.dbConnection.prepareStatement(query);
    ResultSet result = ps.executeQuery();

    I get anonymous exception on Android KitKat version. But the above query works fine in Gingerbird version.

    What might be the reason?
    Please help.

    Partha Sarathi Mishra

    1. I am not pretty sure about the exception that you are getting, but I faced the same problem in Kitkat and tried to execute and that worked fine. But did you tried with 1.3.1 ?

      Karthik KK

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