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In this article we will learn how to upload a file with Puppeteer using fileChooser method.

File Upload is the common test case while automating UI based applications and that too with application which depends highly on external file parsing such as billing application, document processor, file upload is especially important scenario.

Many automation testing tools and APIs have their own way of handling file upload and the same is applicable with puppeteer as well. Since Puppeteer is JS based tool and async, the way need to work with fileChooser method will be slightly different.

File upload

A code snippet example

The application we are going to use for testing file upload is and since we know the puppeteer operations are all async, the code of filechooser looks something like this

    await page.goto('', { "waitUntil": 'networkidle2' });

    const [fileChooser] = await Promise.all([

    await fileChooser.accept(['/Users/karthikkk/Downloads/docker (1).jpg']);

As you can see from the above code, the code page.waitForFileChooser() is sitting within an Promise.all, meaning all the line of code within the promise block must be fully executed before the next await statement can be executed.

Complete code demo video

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