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Dear friends,

I know this post has nothing to do with automation testing, but this post is beyond automation testing! Let me make this post straight and simple as we don’t really have time now. As represented in the above poster, please do help People in Kerala who have lost their houses, belongings, life and many more which we cannot just merely covey in words. Kerala Chief Minister has reportedly told to press that the initial estimated loss for the Kerala State is around ₹19,500 Crores which is around $2792696025.78

Hence the money whatever the whole Indian Govt is giving as relief fund is not even close to their loss and damage caused by our motherly nature.

Action is better than advice

I know lot of people like me will talk about it and will have hesitance to do it, hence as a token of kickstart, I have donated ₹25,000 from my side and here is the proof for the same, since I don’t live in India, I could only help monetarily help rather by any other means.

I am ready to donate even more if the situation worsens!

Ways to Donate for Kerala relief fund

Way 1 – Direct deposit to CMDRF account

Name of the donee: Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund Account Number: 67319948232 Bank: State Bank of India Branch: City Branch, Thiruvananthapuram IFSC: SBIN0070028 PAN: AAAGD0584M Account type: Savings SWIFT Code: SBININBBT08 All contributions to the fund are 100% tax exempt.

Way 2 – Paytm

Do it via Paytm as I did but you need to have Indian phone number for the same. Once again, please help others and prove that our humanity still exist ! Thanks, Karthik KK

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