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In this post, we are going to discuss how we can create custom add-ons in TestProject to extend test cases even further with custom codes which takes a lot of steps to achieve the same operation in TestProject test step but with one Addon step via custom code, which is really cool!

What do you need to work with Addons?

  1. TestProject Java SDK
  2. IntelliJ
  3. Java/Maven installed in the home path
  4. Windows/MacOS
  5. Good understanding of Selenium/Appium
  6. Good understanding of Maven

Few guidelines one should follow while working with Addons

Below are the quick rundown of guidelines one should follow while working with Addons

Let’s create a quick addon

The addon that we are going to create in this article is an addon which “Clicks all menu items from a menubar” Here is the complete custom code to achieve this operation Here is the complete video of the above discussion Once again, thank you very much for reading the article and watching the videos. Please leave your valuable rating and comments on the video and let me know if I need to add any details in the article. Thanks, Karthik KK

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