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As execute automation has executed successfully for 20 long months and served for more than 2Lakhs+ people across the world for satisfying their hunger of automation, I am very happy to see the way the site is helping people to learn automation. Execute automation group in Linkedin too is 20 months old and has 500+ people sharing their insights on automation testing tools, posting new questions and interested topics on automation testing. The knowledge sharing has tremendously increased which shows clear growth of automation testing field in software industry. As many companies are looking for mobile and Software As A service (SAAS) industries, the automation testing for them are in high demand. Down the line in next 1 year, mobile automation is going to be the fore most important requirement across the industry. has very few articles on automation testing of mobile, but very much interested in contributors who are willing to write interesting article, which can help people grow and know what you know. I hope, this is on side for giving a platform to contributors to contribute on automation. is going to transform in upcoming months by focusing not only in automation testing tools, but will focus on techniques and trends of automation which will help automate application in better way, hence we will introduce new chapters for programming languages, these chapters are not going to be more formal, but will address the most easiest way to solve a particular problem using these languages. I hope these chapters concept will help learn more things as I am doing it. Happy Automating, Karthik KK

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2 Replies to “Celebrating 20 months of successful”

  1. hi Karthik,
    I am seeing your automation framework videos , you have demonstrated precise videos. thank you for putting up this website. it is very useful for me , I am sure you must have received tons of thank you from others too.

    kiran kumar

    1. Thanks you Kiran for watching the video and reading the articles.

      Glad you like it.

      I want everybody to learn basic automation for free.

      Karthik KK

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