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[Update] Sitecore offered Job offers to all the winners, two of them accepted the offer and one of them is starting his job starting Oct 2nd 2017 I am really happy to see how the code-a-thon has chosen the great automation talents from across the globe ! Here are our winners list of code-a-thon 2017 event happened on April 22nd

Here are some words from Winners

I really liked the questions asked in contest which were really practical and day to day activity stuff of an Automation Engineer. Thanks for providing option for us to attend this code-a-thon remotely . Also I would like to share that one of the scenario mentioned in the contest(Publishing site in sitecore) which is related to iframes handling is one of the question which I ask frequently in the interviews which I take in my current organization. I know ExecuteAutomation because of you. I follow you and ExecuteAutomation on LinkedIn, Udemy, YouTube and upcourse ExecuteAutomation site. Also In Udemy I have opted for one of your course “Cucumber with Selenium Java”  few months back and also I watched some of the Docker related videos in Youtube. Whenever I get free time, I would be going through the blogs and I can say that ExecuteAutomation is obviously one of them I refer .

As this is the first time i am joining such event, I am quite pleased with the overall setup of the competition. The instructions of the competition are clear and the event committee treat all participant nicely. The competition itself is a bit tricky as I never use protractor in my career and it did costed me a lot of time to figure out how things work in protractor Protractor itself is not the main requirement but having that is indeed is a big plus with addition to cucumber and typescript Other than that, the food are nice and the shirt is cool

I was happy to take part in this code-a-thon. The event was organized at the highest level. No any delays – all in time. Tasks were interesting and not so simple, especially second. There were few moments which I’ve done before for work projects. Thanks a lot for Karthik KK and Sitecore for this cool event! And special thanks to Karthik because of his YouTube channel and courses on Udemy. Very helpful for work!

What’s next?

We have already contacted winners with their details to
  1. Get their availability to discuss with Sitecore
  2. Will also contact for bank account details to wire-transfer the bounty.
Thank you all the 55 global participants to make this event a great success!!! Thanks, Karthik KK

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