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6 Replies to “Specflow – Understanding specflow bindings in detail”

  1. Hi Karthik,

    In the last session of hooks video, m trying to add in [Before Feature] which is not getting called, wherein the [Before Scenario] is getting called. I recompiled, and then try executing the tests, it is not getting called even then.

    1. try recompiling the project and make sure the method signature is static.

      Put a breakpoint and try


  2. Hi Karthik,
    i’m getting below issue in while generating feature.cs file
    ” #error Version conflict – SpecFlow Visual Studio extension attempted to use SpecFlow code-behind generator 1.9, but project ‘SpecflowPOC_pace’ references SpecFlow 3.1.
    #error We recommend migrating to MSBuild code-behind generation to resolve this issue.
    #error For more information see
    Environment Info
    Visual Studio 2017
    Extensions installed
    Specflow 2017
    nunit test adapter
    Under solution installed packages
    Specflow 3.1.97
    Specflow.nUnit 3.1.97

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