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In this post we are going to turn our attention towards comparison of the two most popular Functional Automation testing tools Quick Test Professional and Selenium. Both the tools are currently gaining more popularity in industry and many budding test engineers are now in dilemma in choosing tools for their projects. The below comparison doesn’t give the complete detail on choosing the tool for their project, but will give a bird eye view of the tool comparison. Many friends who are reading use to ask me question like “Which tool is best ?”, well I have a simple answer for them “Both” , since both the tools have their own pros and cons. comparison1 Share your thoughts !!! The above comparison discussion has brought lot of controversy among automation testing community and as per their advice, I am adding further more comparison below, but here Selenium is the clear winner comparison2 Please leave your comments to make it grow further more and I will add them in comparison chart above. Please leave your comments and rate the post !!! Also please mail me @ if you find this post needs any changes.

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