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Katalium Framework

Katalium is a framework that provides a blueprint for test automation projects based on TestNG and Selenium.​

  • Katalium framework is a bold approach from Katalon team to help community to write a reusable automation test framework from scratch without testers scratching their head a lot ​
  • It helps anyone to get started quickly, as the Katalium provide a templates of code even for Pages and Tests (PageTemplate and TestTemplates)​
  • Finally, Katalium and Katalium Server are open sourced and available here 


  • Gives a getting started way of working with a custom selenium framework​
  • Supports parallel execution​
  • Support working with Sauce lab​
  • Support working with Katalon Analytics​
  • Support working with Page Object Model + TestNG 

Installing Katalium ​

  • Katalium works seamlessly with VS Code editor, but its supported in other IDE such as IntelliJ.​
  • In the below video, we will discuss working with Katalium using VS Code.

Once again, thank you very much for watching the video and reading the article, if you are interested in the complete video series, please check it out from here

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