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This is the first article of Android Automation testing series. In this article we will discuss about
  • What we are going to discuss in this series?
  • Who are the intended audience?
  • What prior knowledge required for mobile automation?
  • Is this tools specific?
The main intention of this series is not just making you a good tester for mobile application, but to make you understand the technicalities behind mobile environment, system and high level overview of the application code itself (which you are about to test)

What we are going to discuss

In this series we will discuss the list of topics in greater detail
  1. Introduction to Mobile Automation Testing
  2. Different types of mobile applications and OS
  3. Tools available for Mobile automation
  4. Introduction to Robotium
  5. Installing/Referencing Robotium in Eclipse
  6. Developing our first Calculator Application for Android
  7. Referencing Robotium with Calculator Application
  8. Writing a simple code with Robotium
  9. Identifying UI objects in Robotium
  10. Framework Design in Robotium — Hints
By covering the above topics, I promise, you will be a good kick starter automation tester for mobile application.

Intended Audience

The intended audience are
  • Testers (preferably with knowledge in Java coding)
  • Developers

Prior knowledge

One who have knowledge in testing as well as Selenium automation testing can easily learn mobile automation.

Is this tool specific

Ofcourse, the series is going to be tool specific, since we need a API which can talk with Android OS and its applications, hence we will use one of the many tool available in the market. And for this series, we will take the most popular Robotium. I hope this series will end your search on mobile automation testing. Please leave your comments and let me know if there is anything need to be improved in this post. Thanks, Karthik KK

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