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So far in this series, we saw theoretically about JMeter and its components, but from this topic of JMeter Series, we are going to deep dive and start on practical working test plans in JMeter (Since that’s what we need) In this post we are going to discuss on HTTP Request Test Plan for a web site and check the performance of the web site with multiple users. Here is out Test plan
Web Site
Number of Users 10
No of times Iteration/User 5
Authentication No
Parameters used No
As you can see above, I have created a very basic, yet simple Load Test Plan. Moving forward in this series, we will create Test plan as shown above and start creating Test Plan in JMeter.

Creating Test Plan

Report in Fiddler

Report in JMeter

View Result Tree

As you can see from the above report, View Result Tree has given a complete list of requests we have created.

Summary Report

In the Summary report, you can number of times the download , doc etc pages has been accessed by all the users in this test run. We can also the Minimum and Max Elapsed time taken by same label (Request). You can download the above Test Plan from the Here. Please leave your comments and thanks for reading !!! Thanks, Karthik KK

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  1. Hi Karthik,
    Great site with good examples. Please note that the last URL in this article is a dead link (404).


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