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Dear friends, Last month in ExecuteAutomation we released a teaser poster on something related to charity. Its currently happening !!! ExecuteCharity an initiative taken by volunteers like you, which is going to happen starting today (Jun 27th through July 4th of 2016) Here is the complete video demonstration on ExecuteCharity Campaign So, the minimum amount of students you can do charity is 1 and maximum of 10, which is Rs.1500/student and maximum of Rs 15,000/10 students !!! If you are interested, please fill out the form from the link below [Closed] Here is the total response until the end of 1 week charity campaign !!




Today (4th July) marks the end of our ExecuteCharity campaign, the collection of fund is pretty much as expected. Here are some details on people who have donatedpeopledonated ExecuteAutomation is very happy to see the number of People turn around for contributing their money for students food whom they have never seen or never been to the place (as you can see most of them are from other countries/NRI) We will now contribute 25 students food for 1 full year, very excited and happy with it !! Thank you once again for making this happen !!! Thanks, Karthik KK

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