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Dear friends, I am pretty excited and happy for ExecuteAutomation that its YouTube channel, the heart and soul of ExecuteAutomation which is helping millions of people has now breached the 25,000+ subscribers mark.

Little history

ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel started on end of 2014 and featured very few videos which focused mainly Specflow and Selenium C# video, later from 2016 ExecuteAutomation YouTube video gained more popularity and the viewers demands increased with range of questions from across different tools not just with Specflow or Selenium. Hence ExecuteAutomation, started to feature almost all the automation testing tools and practices videos for FREE such as
  • Coded UI Testing
  • Specflow with C#
  • Selenium with C#
  • Robotium
  • Appium
  • TFS
  • Jenkins
  • Coypu
  • Moq
  • Xamarin.UITest
  • Docker and more..
Marking one of the first YouTube channel to feature MOST VIDEOS EVER on automation testing.

At Present

Currently we have over 470+ videos with over 40+ playlist which talks about automation testing tools and technologies in much granular level. Please visit ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel and start learning if you have not visited before ! Thank you again for making this happen ! Thanks, Karthik KK

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2 Replies to “ExecuteAutomation YouTube channel has now over 25,000+ subscribers”

  1. Congratulations man! You’re the best around here.

    Waiting for a video working with parallel tests in C # + Docker + Zalenium (staggering tests to save time – in C #)

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