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Agenda of Code-a-thon Event (April 22nd)

Registration of contestants                          –              9 AM Breakfast                                                                 –              9 AM – 9:30 AM Sitecore event address                                   –              9:35 AM – 10 AM Code-a-thon morning session begins    –              10 AM – 12 Noon Lunch break                                                          –              12 Noon – 1 PM Code-a-thon afternoon session begins   –              1 PM to 4 PM Snacks and Drinks                                                –              Up to 5 PM  

Code-a-thon Terms and Condition

  1. All the participants will be sent email on the event date (April 22nd ) with following information
    1. Application (A) to be automated with its URL
    2. Application (B) to be automated with its URL
  2. Scenario for the specific part of application to be automated
Note 1.       Both (A) and (B) MUST need to be automated within the given time frame 2.       Application(s) MUST need to be automated using Selenium/Protractor/Cucumber combo 3.       Languages can be C#/Java/Typescript 4.       Once applications are automated, the code MUST need to be sent to and email address in ZIP format within 1 hour of event ends.  

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Winning criteria

Code written for Application (A) and (B) with
  1. Complete working scenarios
  2. Best coding practise
  3. Same automation framework used for both (A) and (B)
  4. Mentioned Language and tool used at its fullest
Are considered as Winners of the competition

 Winner announcement

  1. We will announce winner from exactly 1 week from the day of event via Email
  2. Winners will be getting cash awards in their bank account via wire-transfer (bank accounts will be asked in step 1)
The event will be live here   Thanks, Karthik KK

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