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Bug Magnet is a chrome extension and is used to perform exploratory testing. Bug Magnet provides convenient access to common problematic values and edge cases, so you can keep them handy and access them easily during exploratory testing sessions. Just right-click an input field.

The extension introduces only a tiny overhead per page (<1k), and has no third party library dependencies, works completely passive, so it does not interfere with your web app execution in any way. It works on input fields, text areas, content editable DIVs. Of course, it’s completely opensource (MIT license), so you can easily extend it with your config.

You can get the complete extension from the link right here

The extension provides the following testing features as you can see in the screenshot below

Figure 1: Bug Magnet


Provides different language supports used for testing

Text Size

Different Text size it ranges from 128b with spaces and without spaces as you see below

Figure 2: Text Size


Names and Email Address

It provides different names in different languages as well as valid and invalid email address


To me honestly, this extension comes very handy while working with exploratory testing of application. It’s pretty neat and handy and a must have extension in chrome for every test engineers. Thanks for reading the post and leave your comments if there needs any improvement in the post !! Thanks, Karthik KK

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