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The next big course on automation testing for Selenium with Java which got released in Udemy yesterday after months of effort named Automation framework with Selenium Java (Advanced) This course is one of my favorite course after Automation framework development with Selenium C# (Advanced) which released early this year and chosen as the bestselling course in Udemy as well ! The course features following sections
  • Understand how to design a custom automation framework
  • Understand develop various components for automation framework in industry standard
  • Understand developing generic Page Object Model practice using Generics in Java
  • Understand developing generic Page Navigation concepts of POM using Generics in Java
  • Understand and work with custom Test Runner for TestNG
  • Understand and writing custom controls for Selenium automation by learning internals of Selenium API in-depth
Here is the complete introduction video of the above course For purchasing the above course, do drop me an email for latest coupon code to avail discount. Thanks, Karthik KK

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165 Replies to “Automation framework with Selenium Java (Advanced)”

  1. Hello,

    I am an intermediate level working in selenium and Katalon working in Accenture. I have fair knowledge of Java and also a hands-on experience However, now I want to extent my knowledge to an advanced level. When I checked the course fee, its around 4900/- which is a bit too much. Do you have a coupon code to help me with a discount. I have a scheduled interview in a week’s time and I really want to gear up before the D day.

  2. HI Karthik I did learn selenium before.I’m Interested to buy the course. It’s seems expensive to me at this point . sorry to ask do you have any promotion please?

  3. Hi Karthik!
    I watched your videos on youtube, and you mentioned this course, but I dont have money for this, and I cant figure out textNG and selenium in paraller.
    Can you give me a Coupon? I really want to learn it.
    Thank you for your help! 🙂

  4. Hey Karthik,

    I’m a fan of you, I follow your youtube channel and I would like to take the Automation framework with Selenium Java (Advanced) course, could you send me a coupon?. Thanks.

  5. Hi Karthik,

    I came across your YouTube channel regarding RestAPI with cucumber and SpringBoot videos for UI automation. I like your content which is crisp and easy to understandable. From your YT channel I get to know about about your courses and read comment regarding coupons for “Automation framework with Selenium Java (Advanced)”.

    I would like to request, is there any coupons for the course !

    if so, can you please share @

    Keep making this type of content
    Thank you.

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